SMTP Server Settings

How to configure your email to use O2′s SMTP server

Port 25 outgoing is blocked for dynamic IP address users on O2. Therefore,
in order to send email from a third-party email account, you must either use a
port other than 25 (ask your email provider), or send email via the O2 SMTP server.
The instructions for Windows Live Mail follow.

These instructions assume you have already set up a
non-O2 email address in Windows Live Mail. If you are using an O2 email address, the
incoming POP3 server would be, the port is 110 and SSL should be disabled.

Please note: The email address you use to authenticate SMTP with
will be entered into your email headers. Although this will not normally be visible to the
recipient, you may want to create an email address just for sending out mail. See:
Setting up a secondary email account.

1) From the Ribbon menu (to the left of Home) select Options > Email accounts…

2) Click the account you want to modify then click the Properties button.

3) Verify the General settings are correct.


4) Click the Servers tab and enter into the
“Outgoing mail (SMTP)” box. Also, tick “My server requires authentication”.


5) Click the Settings… button in the “Outgoing Mail Server” section.

6) Click “Log on using”. In “Account name” enter your O2 email address. In
Password enter your O2 password. Click OK.


7) Click the Advanced tab. Make sure “Outgoing mail (SMTP)” is set to port 25, and that
“This server requires a secure connection (SSL)” is unticked.


8) Click OK and Close.

Your email will now be set up to send via the O2 SMTP server.

A note about SPF: if you own your own domain name and
you want to authorise the O2 SMTP server to send email, use this txt record for
“v=spf1 ~all”

Consult your domain name provider if you unsure how to do this.